All pictures are free and can be displayed on other sides (free advertisement never harms), an link on the Project would be nice. You can also edit the pictures without asking, if the program works, I publishes the models for the pictures.

My first model and a few variations of this. OK, it's always the same model, but that is one of the strengths of Animatronik, reuses of resources.

My second attempt to draw a character and to use technologies that I have learned. It has worked fine, it was faster than with the first picture and I could already formulate a few rules to produce such a picture. I have copied the motive from the magazine "How to draw Manga" from Antarctic Press. There are three versions: outline, manga, anime.

I have acquired the book "How to draw Anime & Game Characters Vol. 2: Expressing Emotions" of Tadashi Ozawa recently. I can only recommend this book and the first part of it. In the book was a character, I had to draw it. Here is the result:

I have seen the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service" from Hayao Miyazaki and was enthusiastic. Now, my desktop has a new Wallpaper. You can download this in different sizes, if you missing one, please ask: