Animatronik is a Project about a computer program to create Anime & Manga images. Few examples are in the gallery. This webside is under construction, so many pages are empty. Who wants to comment the project or the webside, can write a email or use the Board. I am looking for help, if somebody wants to help me, send a E-Mail.

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-= News =-

7 July 2002

Sorry, that I did not update the websides for a long time. I'm set up this sides with the reason to find somebody who want to help me. I have visited many forums an newsgroups, but found nobody who has interest on the project, the right experience and some free time. So I lost the interest to update the websides, but not on the project.

But it takes much time to work alone on the project and I have not so many time, I have my studies and job. Before the end of July I can not do anything, I have some semester exams. Then I need a few weeks to finish the first beta. Further I have decided to split the project into two parts. First, a application for vector graphics. Second, a module for Anime & Manga images creation. So I hope to find help faster. Since the first part must be finished before second, I don't think the second part is finished this year.

I have set up a new forum system. If someone wants to make a comment, he can make it there. A registration is not required.

to the forum ...

15 June 2001

Started to translate the side into English.